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SBS Group Poland – Your Partner in the Development


SBS Group is one of the largest existing nets of distribution of sanitary, installation and heating goods. In the year 2002 the private organization of cooperating wholesales has been transformed into the SBS Company Limited.

Having 100% Polish capital founders we associate over 90 companies at the area of the whole Poland.

Selling from 180 stores creates medium yearly turnover in value of 900 million PLN (approx. 200 million EUR).

SBS Group Poland – Advantages of Cooperation

Membership in our Group allows to affiliated companies to get access to wider and cheaper offer over 300 Suppliers, including the largest and the leading Firms from heating and installation industry. Working with us you can get:

  • long time experience in our sector;
  • cooperation with leading Producers;
  • current access to licenses, certificates, warranties needed on Polish and European market;
  • defined rules of commercial cooperation;
  • safety of the purchase transactions;
  • technical and commercial advise and coaching for Partners, Architects, Fitters, Plumbers and first line Sellers.

For the Producers we recommend the organized Polish Market with the 100% finance security common to the international standards.

SBS Group Poland – Private Labels

SBS manufactures own brands KELLER, DELFIN, NANOPANEL. In this way we meet the needs of our Partners – both in terms of technical and price level.

Our private label products are available in high storage warehouse in the city of Łódź in central part of Poland.

SBS GROUP – Quality and Experience

The main objective is a professional service for our customers. We realize it by the selection of brands and suppliers, training and loyalty programs. We provide law, finance, organizational and marketing support to our holders and suppliers.

SBS GROUP – Contact

Tomasz Tomassy – Product Manager
tel. +48 42 663 54 00 ext. 52
mob. +48 881 043 944
SBS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Aleksandrowska 67/93, 91-205 Łódź
tel. +48 42 663 54 00
fax +48 42 663 54 02


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